Thursday, April 20, 2017

Men are seen as livestock:

Among the many men's issues we like to bring up- two stand out as profoundly disgusting, and out do any other men's issue we take issue with. Those are Male Genital Mutilation, and the Mass Genocide of Men. These two issues are given certain names to mask what they really are. They call Male Genital Mutilation 'Circumcision' which sounds less terrible, and they call kidnapping, enslaving, and slaughtering millions of men 'Conscription.'
Both of these practices are demeaning and reduce us to mere livestock- and like livestock, society believes they have the right to brand us and slaughter us for their convenience.

These are the unfortunate facts of the matter- people are disgusted with Female Genital Mutilation- because they see women as human beings to some extent or another- but Male Genital Mutilation, they see as 'a minor surgery.' And even go so far as to say 'the benefits outweigh the risks,' as if it is their decision to cut off parts of our bodies- and they need only be concerned with the survival of the cattle, and no regard will be made for our Natural Rights.

Consider for a moment if in these countries that practiced FGM- they also forced women to sign up for a Colosseum, where they could arbitrarily call them in to be gladiators- to slaughter each other at the expense of the state? Do you know the level of disgust people would have? They'd likely send in troops. Yet the same thing happens to men, and they further demean us by saying 'it's what a man has to do.'

It is time society understand we are not their property-

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