Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The medical establishment propaganda

Circumcision rates are falling- and recently they have fallen below 50%. {1} The medical establishment knows this- and they know that they make too much money off of sexually mutilating baby boys to let that happen. They know that circumcision destroys sexual pleasure, and that this fact has been among those leading parents to not have their babies undergo MGM.

So they use their propagandic abilities, to tell men that destroying 20,000 of the 24,000 pleasure sensing nerve endings doesn't destroy sexual pleasure. {2} As Brother K said 'I don't need a study to tell me that destroying the external structure of the penis is harmful. Only a fool needs a study to tell them that.' {3}

Of course they are going to say that it doesn't destroy pleasure- if you ask Monsanto if GMO's are harmful, obviously they're going to say no. This is just like the tobacco companies who released bogus studies saying that smoking doesn't put you at risk of cancer. {4} These all changed when a number of 'fringe' studies showed otherwise, and the population changed their mind- only after this did the falsities end.

Many people today forget about how the Medical Establishment used to promote Clitorectomies being done on young girls- and so they do not see history repeating itself. Such inhumane procedures were popular in the 1950's, and reached a peak in the 1970's- but the medical establishment did not admit that it was harmful until public outrage led to its being banned in 1996.

Many people are also not aware that doctors used to bleed out their patients, {5} this used to be considered a medically approved procedure- and yet today, not one doctor would do it. Soon enough circumcision as treatment will be seen as no different than bloodletting- just a harmful, fringe, procedure that primitive idiots who didn't know anything believed wasn't harmful.

The medical establishment, and the circumcision profiteers, will be seen in the same way that the tobacco companies were, and non-therapeutic infant circumcision will be seen as no less than Clitorectomies on young girls, foot binding, and ritual scarring.